Our Major Projects

Kenenisa Hotel

Integration of Networking, Wi-Fi, TV System, Telephone System (PBX), and CCTV Camera to the hotel can result in a comprehensive and efficient solution that provides seamless communication and surveillance System.

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Habesha Steel

A completed project that involves data networking expansion and CCTV camera installation which provides enhanced communication and security for allover the factory. This project involves integrating technology to create a comprehensive solution that ensures seamless data flow and security.

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Kora Hotel Apartment Suit

Overall, a completed project that involves Networking (Expansion),Wi-Fi,Tv System, Telephone System (PBX), CCTV Camera, Fire Alarm System provides a secure solution that improves communication, productivity, and security of the Hotel. By integrating these technology solutions into a single system, client able to easily monitor and manage their businesses remotely, ensuring they are always aware of what is happening at their premises.

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